Stanford School Enrollment Project

Data from Big Local News. This data set provides nationwide school enrollment data at the state, school district, and school level.

States and districts report their enrollment information in a variety of formats, and this is the first data set to standardize the data into a single schema. The data set provides enrollment data at each grade level, and currently includes information from more than 30 states.

Where available, the data set also provides information about race, ethnicity, and gender, as well as counts of homeless students, English Language Learners, students with disabilities, and low-income students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the data includes information by grade and for a total row — pk_12_total or k_12_total (pre-kindergarten or kindergarten through 12th grade) — you could over-count unless you either filter out the totals rows or select specific rows, such as grades.

See About the Stanford School Enrollment Project for more information including a data dictionary and the sources of the data.

Click on Schools to access the canned queries for school-and district-level analyses. Note that you will need to select the state and if your state lists a term (fall, spring, etc.), then you will need to include that too.

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Data source: Big Local News · About: Big Local


2 tables, 10 hidden tables

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